Granite Peak Energy Overview

Granite Peak Energy Overview

Renewable energy is increasingly competitive in electricity markets and consumers are looking to their electrical cooperatives to move to more renewables. However, not-for-profit cooperatives are facing competitive disadvantage since they are often unable to take advantage of the tax incentives. If you’re thinking of adding renewable energy to your system or investing, Granite Peak Energy Inc can provide tax-beneficial financing, along with technical assistance, and financial analysis to assist in obtaining stable and lower-cost renewable energy for your community.

Using Granite Peak Energy’s funding (equity and debt), cooperatives and local communities can lower their costs for renewable energy projects. With an emerging business model, we can provide a plan for your eventual ownership of solar or wind generation assets.

To meet IRS rules and utilize the renewable energy investment tax credits and depreciation to reduce the cost, the project has to be structured with a period of ownership by tax-equity investors.

During that time, you will receive all of the renewable energy produced by renewable projects, and after that period, ownership can then transfer to your cooperative.

If you are looking at how to add renewable energy to your portfolio, please contact us to
explore options.