Project Management

GPE can offer a range of services for clients to identify, analyze or develop energy projects.

Early Stage Development:

GPE can develop energy assets for clients by identifying & analyzing renewable energy and battery storage opportunities. GPE will analyze the fundamental economics of a project in its earliest stage, but that is only part of the development process. Throughout early-stage development, GPE can address issues, such as siting, permitting, utility tariffs, regulations local community acceptance, etc. on behalf of clients.

Project Management:

Upon verifying a solid business case for clients, if requested, GPE can undertake development of the project on behalf of the client, with GPE’s role defined by the client. This project management role can involve design, engineering, construction and the commissioning process. Throughout the process, GPE can leverage its deep industry experience to avoid or mitigate troublesome construction claims and litigation.

Owner’s Representative:

Armed with broad experience and knowledge of business development, economics, finance and building of companies GPE can represent your interest in the development of projects from early stage development to fully functional projects.

For clients interested in a long-term stable power supply GPE has the expertise, persistence, contacts/relationships, and diligence to carry out the client’s vision The combined project management experience of the GPE management team exceeds 100 years of project development, and we can focus that experience on each projects, providing individual attention to defined goals.